Facebook Ads Results: Click-Through Rate and Cost Per Action Over Time

Facebook Ads CTR and CPA Over Time

I’m running an experiment that has yielded some incredible results so far. CTR as high as 63% and Cost Per Website Click as low as $.01. Here’s how…

Should You Use Interest Targeting of Your Organic Facebook Posts?

Facebook Interest Targeting Organic Post Test

Will limiting the reach of your organic posts to the fans who have specific interests help distribution? Here’s a test to take a look…

Facebook Advertising and Spam, Deception, Value and Trust

Facebook Ads Spam and Deception

A large number of Facebook users do not trust ads. They block them. They mark them as spam. They assume there is no value. We need to change that…

An Experiment: Facebook Ads Don’t Have to Suck

Facebook Ads Don't Have to Suck

What if Facebook ads provided value rather than being a necessary evil? What if people desired to see and engage with them? Check out this experiment.

How Brands Can Maximize Facebook Organic Post Targeting by Interest

Facebook Organic Post Interest Targeting

Facebook marketers can now target their organic posts to fans with particular interests. Here’s how to determine the best interests to target…

The Ideal Naming Convention for Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook Campaign Naming Convention

The secret to an efficient Facebook advertiser who can quickly run informative custom ad reports is found within the campaign naming convention…

Checklist: 19 Custom Ad Report Tasks for Advanced Facebook Advertisers

Facebook Ad Reports Checklist

Are you using Facebook’s custom ad reports? It’s an awesome tool, and here’s your checklist to help you start mastering it today…

Facebook Remarketing: 8 Effective Website Custom Audience Strategies

Facebook Remarketing Website Custom Audience Strategies

Advertisers are finding great success remarketing with Facebook Website Custom Audiences. Here are 8 ways you can start using them, too.

Facebook Ads Reporting: Not All Website Clicks Are Created Equal


What is the quality of website traffic you’re driving when targeting fans, website visitors, lookalikes and interests? This experiment investigates…

Happy Holidays: The Season of Failing with Facebook Ads

Holidays Facebook Ads

Advertisers are flocking to Facebook ads to sell their products during the holiday season. Many are destined to fail. Here’s why…