Unforgettable Oatmeal Stout: Building the Foundation For a Great Podcast

How to Start a Podcast

This episode was broken down into the following sections:

  • Starting a Podcast
  • The Equipment Breakdown
  • Creating a Content Strategy
  • What is my Theme?
  • Resources

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Creating the Foundation of Your Podcast:

  • Before you get started, answer the question WHY? Why should I have a podcast? Will this be helpful for my business? Am I comfortable talking? Will I reach my audience?
  • Start Simple: It can be overwhelming. Learn the basics and experiment
  • Don’t stress over all the details of getting started
  • Create a budget for equipment

What Kind of Equipment Will I Need?

Creating a Content Strategy:

  • Consider conducting interviews
  • Create audio versions of blog posts
  • Blog Posts: Dig deeper into blog posts with more specifics of a particular topic
  • A Different Direction: Create a podcast that is different than other content you are providing on your channels
  • Consider your target audience
  • Ask your audience! Feedback could lead the way

What is My Theme?

  • Create a theme that stands out
  • Have fun! Be yourself.
  • Structure: As you create more podcast add structure for flow to your recording

Bust a Move with Sound!

  • Hire Some Help: Find an expert who can help you with editing and sound effects
  • Sounds Effects: Free and Purchased – Soundsnap

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