Your Targeting Matters Less Now

Targeting just doesn’t matter much anymore…

Look, it pains me to say it. For a solid decade, my whole thing was microtargeting. It’s not that targeting doesn’t matter at all now, but most advertisers overvalue it. They cling to the past.

This change is largely due to broad targeting. Not only intentionally going broad, but Meta often expands your audience whether you want it or not.

Advantage Detailed Targeting

That creates a fuzziness in the targeting inputs we provide. And more often than not, we can get better results by going broader anyway.

There’s still a place for remarketing. I do it. And if interests and lookalikes still work for you, have at it.

But you’re probably putting way too much value in the targeting inputs you provide. And in some cases, your micromanagement of targeting may actually hurt results.

My recommendation: Create fewer ad sets with interests and lookalikes. Experiment with Advantage+ Audience.

Advantage+ Audience

You may be surprised by the results.