Your Hooks are Killing Your Videos

Your “DO THIS OR ELSE” hooks are killing your videos…

You can’t use the same sense of urgency to open every video you create. I’m sure you know the hooks I’m talking about. I even kinda did it to open this video.

Every video you create treats the content that’s coming as life or death. Or the tip you’re about to get will SAVE YOUR BUSINESS!

This may be good for attracting new viewers. But for anyone else who has seen your videos before, it’s exhausting.

After the first few, we get the trick. We know that you aren’t going to deliver.

We tune out.

So even if you have a really valuable tip coming, we assume it’s just an oversell like all the rest.

The same happens with clickbait promoting your website. Copy like “You’re not going to believe what happens next” or “The marketing world was shocked by this one tip” might work for a new visitor. But if we’ve seen it from you before, we know what you’re doing.

We tune out.

This is one reason why you shouldn’t focus too much on drop-off rate and CTR. It’s not that these metrics are meaningless, but they don’t necessarily reflect true engagement. They can reflect manipulation.

You can use tricks to enhance those metrics for new users. But you can go to that well just so many times. Eventually, you’ll need to deliver.

And maybe even deliver when your hooks are boring, too. Imagine that!

What do you think?