Ads Manager Results for Custom Events

There’s a reason you don’t see results for custom events.

You’d be forgiven if you think this sounds like a topic I’ve covered before. Well, I did… sort of. I covered how it was a bug. Then I covered that it wasn’t. Next I covered that you needed to verify your event. And I figured that solved everything. But it doesn’t.

Here’s the scenario you may run into now…

You verified the custom event, which allows you to add a column for it.

Verify Custom Website Events

But you don’t get any results. Events Manager shows that the events are happening but it’s not reflected in Ads Manager.

I ran into an issue with a custom event for a 15-second view. Events Manager showed it was firing properly. Since there were results in Ads Manager for 1-minute views, it made no sense that there weren’t results for 15 seconds.

The solution is you need to create an ad set that optimizes for that event.

Custom Event Reporting

You don’t need to run any budget behind it. You can delete it after it’s published. But once you do this, the results will finally appear.

Custom Events

This is confusing because I assumed this was part of the point of custom event verification, which became a requirement late last year. You verify the event, which allows you to add a column for it. It would only be natural if results would appear at this point.

But, they don’t. All it does is tell Meta that you want to use the event. It allows you to add the column. But no results will appear until you optimize for the event.

This is bound to confuse advertisers. Anyway, that’s the fix.

Hopefully, Meta improves it. The obvious fix would be to allow the columns to populate once an event is verified. Otherwise, add a notification that explains what needs to be done.