Why Does My Chatbot Keep Making Up Links?

This is the biggest issue with my bot right now…

I’ve been testing an AI chatbot for a few months. I’m using Chatbase, and overall it’s been amazing.

It’s trained on more than 150 pages of my website and it’s basically been an extension of me. In most cases, it does a really good job of answering questions close to how I might answer them.

But, here’s something it keeps doing…

Someone will ask it for a list of links to blog posts. The bot will provide five links like it does in the video. Overall, it seems like a helpful reply.

Well… It’s super helpful until the person clicks on any of the links. Why? None of the blog posts actually exist!

It’s so weird and random because it will do a good job of sharing links properly when they naturally come up in an answer. It seems that when people specifically ask for links, that’s when it loses its damn mind and makes stuff up.

Anyone else see this? Got a solution? I’ve tried everything, I swear.