Where Did Pixels Go in Business Settings?

Where did my pixels go?

I’m hearing from advertisers who are freaking out about this. Within your Business Settings, under Data Sources, click on Pixels and you may see a message like this one:

“Jon Loomer Digital doesn’t have any pixels yet.”

WHAT? No, that is definitely not true. Well, make sure that you read the fine print.

“Your asset has a new location. We’ve made some changes to our platform. You can now find this asset in the Data Sources menu under Datasets.”

Datasets are a whole different topic and we’ll cover it on another day.

But you will now find your pixels when you click on Datasets within Data Sources. This is also where you can grant access to people and partners. You can grant partial access or full control.

The main thing is that your pixels have become datasets. Nothing has changed regarding how your pixels work. It’s mostly a rebranding and grouping change that Meta is making.