What is Engaged-View Attribution?

What is this??

I stumbled on this little alert by the Attribution Setting in an ad set:

Engaged-View attribution offers a new way to measure the effectiveness of your video ads.”

When I clicked to edit the Attribution Setting, nothing was there for “Engaged-View.” So, I have the alert, but not the actual feature.

This is super weird because attribution is typically all about conversions on your website. What would a video have to do with attribution?

Well, I did some digging, and I found this definition of engaged view attribution (https://www.facebook.com/business/help/2198119873776795):

“A person takes action after your skippable video ad plays for at least 10 seconds within the attribution window.”

I assume the “action” that happens after the view is a conversion.

I don’t have this. It’s not at all clear to me yet, but this is what I think “Engaged-View” attribution is…

You are running an ad with a Facebook video. The end goal is some type of conversion. You will have the option of utilizing Engaged-View Attribution, which allows you to optimize for people who watch at least 10 seconds of your video before converting within a day. No click.

This would be a completely different direction for Meta ads attribution. I’m not entirely clear on the application of this and why it would be preferred over the other options.

Do you have Engaged-View Attribution yet? What do you think?