What is a Campaign Spending Limit?

What is a campaign spending limit when running Meta ads?

When you create or edit a campaign, you have the option of adding a campaign spending limit. There is a minimum campaign spending limit that you can set, depending on the currency. For the US, it’s $100.

This is different from a lifetime budget. With a Lifetime budget, Meta will try to space out delivery across the schedule of your ad set. With a campaign spending limit, you set daily budgets for the ad sets within the campaign.

It won’t impact the pacing of delivery. Once you hit the campaign spending limit, all delivery stops. It’s a hard cap. You will receive a notification when this happens.

You can always update or remove the campaign spending limit to restart it. You can monitor progress towards that limit within the campaign.

This might be useful if you have a set amount that you can spend on a client’s campaign, but you want to use multiple ad sets or don’t want to use a lifetime budget.