Value for Advantage+ Shopping

We have an update to Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

When you create an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign, you may see a drop-down menu for the performance goal. If you don’t have the drop-down, you don’t have this change yet.

By default, the performance goal is “Maximize number of conversions.” Click that drop-down and you’ll see another option: “Maximize value of conversions.”

It says:

“We’ll try to show your ads to the people most likely to make higher-value purchases.”

This may look familiar if you’ve run Sales campaigns the manual way.

Should you use it? If you have a wide range of product prices, this would help the algorithm focus more on value than volume. It may help improve the Return on Ad Spend. You’ll likely end up with fewer conversions, too.

Probably no reason to use Value if you have a narrow range of prices or you already struggle to generate purchase volume.

Do you have this yet? Will you use it?