Uncover More Facebook Ad Conversions

Where did those conversions come from?

If you’re running Meta ads that are optimized for a purchase, especially at a higher price point (but feel free to do this at lower prices, too), it’s VERY likely there are more conversions that can be attributed to your ads.

Go to the Columns dropdown in Ads Manager and select Compare Attribution Settings. Check all of the boxes for different attribution windows. MAKE SURE to include 28-day click.

While 28-day click as a default attribution window went away with iOS changes, you can still view conversions that happened within 28 days of clicking. But you won’t see it by default!

Once you check those boxes, you’ll see four separate columns. Your main focus should be on comparing 7-day click to 28-day click. If you see a number that’s higher in the 28-day click column, there are more conversions that can be attributed to your ad. They just happened outside of the 7-day click window.

In the case that I show here, there are 9 extra conversions that happened. That’s a big deal!

Especially for a product that may take a while to commit to buying, you can absolutely make the argument that the ad contributed to these conversions.

So, when you give total Purchase, CPA, and ROAS results to your clients, make sure to include 28-day click. Be clear about that, of course. But this can provide a much different perspective on performance.

Do you use 28-day click data? What do you think?