Number One Skill of Successful Advertisers

This is the number one skill of successful Facebook advertisers…

Those who are most successful with Facebook ads have an underlying curiosity that others don’t. They align their goals with an understanding of how things work…


They don’t ask, “Should I do this?” They throw caution to the wind, and they try it.

They may use tools in ways they weren’t intended. But they don’t care so much about why a tool was created or how others are using it. They have a problem or need and see a potential solution.

They don’t fear failure., They know that when you embrace experimentation, much of what you do won’t work. But you can then learn from those experiments and apply those learnings to be more profitable next time.

When you’re constantly experimenting and using tools creatively, you may discover things that others, who are too focused on doing things the way they always have, won’t.

You’re focused entirely on finding what works best for you. Nothing else.

Be curious. Worry less about how others are doing things and EXPERIMENT.