The Important Benefit of Advantage+ Audience

This is the beauty of Advantage+ Audience that most advertisers overlook…

While some don’t like the lack of control, it’s the fact that Advantage+ Audience is more automated that allows you to eliminate variables and focus on what’s most important.

How Advantage+ Audience Works

If you want, you can provide an audience suggestion. It could be a custom audience, lookalike audience, or detailed targeting.

Advantage+ Audience

But what you provide as a suggestion really shouldn’t impact your results much — especially after delivery gets beyond that initial group.

You don’t technically need to provide a suggestion at all. Meta will start with your conversion history, pixel data, and prior engagement with your ads — you know, the kind of actions you’d use for a suggestion anyway.

This simplifies things when your ad set isn’t working. Changing your audience suggestion is unlikely to make a significant difference. So you can focus on ad copy and creative instead.

Original Audiences

But when you use original audiences, this is much less the case.

Advantage+ Audience

And really, this doesn’t need to be true because Advantage audience expansion with original audiences behaves in similar ways as Advantage+ Audience. But, I still see micromanagement of targeting with this approach. Advertisers spend too much time trying to find the right combination of targeting inputs.

When you obsess over targeting, it becomes an unnecessary distraction from what is most important: the ad copy and creative.

Stop creating unnecessary work for yourself. When possible, take advantage of automated features like Advantage+ Audience.