The Future of Targeting

This is my prediction for the future of Meta ads targeting. If you’ve paid attention the past few years, none of this will be shocking…

Advantage Detailed Targeting, Advantage Lookalike, and Advantage Custom Audience will all be eliminated. They just won’t be necessary anymore.

Advantage+ Audience will become a fixed default in most situations. You can provide detailed targeting, lookalike audiences, and custom audiences, but those will merely be targeting suggestions.

Advantage+ Audience today provides the ability to switch to the old way of targeting, but I see that being removed as well. Maybe there could be a few isolated exceptions, but I predict that any targeting inputs in the future will be used as suggestions only.

Targeting could keep going the way of Advantage+ Shopping, where your inputs are eliminated completely.

It might sound crazy, but it’s the trend line we’re on. Forcing our own targeting often leads to worse results than allowing Meta’s advanced machine learning and AI to figure it out. And that technology will only get better.

These are my predictions, and maybe I’m way off. But it feels like a safe bet to me.

What do you think?