Changes to AEM and Conversion Campaigns

Here is exactly what Meta’s documentation says about the big changes to Aggregated Event Measurement and conversion campaigns.

1. You no longer need to prioritize eight conversion events per domain for web conversion optimization (BIG!).

2. The Aggregated Event Measurement tab in Events Manager has been removed because you no longer need to configure your web events. Of course, this is only if you have these changes.

3. You don’t need to turn on value sets in order to use Value Optimization.

4. You aren’t required to verify your website domains for purposes related to event configuration. This is especially big for situations where conversions occur on third-party website where you have your pixel but can’t verify the domain.

5. You don’t need to select a conversion domain when you create an ad in Ads Manager.

These changes are still rolling out and there’s a lot we don’t yet know.