Streamlined Purchase Through Amazon

Meta and Amazon announced that you’ll be able to buy from Amazon directly from ads on Facebook and Instagram without leaving the apps.

For that to work, users will need to link their Facebook or Instagram profile to their Amazon account.

Amazon says benefits include the ability to see real-time pricing, delivery estimates, product details, and checkout with Amazon without leaving Facebook or Instagram.

For advertisers, this doesn’t mean improved attribution in Ads Manager. I covered why in a video yesterday.

But a streamlined experience where people can purchase through Amazon without leaving Facebook or Instagram would mean less friction and conceivably more sales.

Of course, the impact this can make surely relies heavily on how willing users are to link their profiles to Amazon. This streamlined experience will only exist for those who do. If they don’t, the assumption is that ads going to Amazon will behave the way they always have.

And, truthfully, those ads don’t perform all that well. Not only is attribution an issue, but it’s an interruption to the user experience to open a new website to learn more about a product.