Still Use Advantage Campaign Budget?

Should you still use Advantage Campaign Budget? The answer is complicated…

What is Advantage Campaign Budget?

In the standard campaign construction, budgets are set individually in the ad set.


Advantage Campaign Budget allows you to set a campaign budget that applies to all ad sets within it. Your budget will be distributed optimally between ad sets to get you the best possible results.

Advantage Campaign Budget

Is It Still Relevant?

But the question is whether the conditions for using this are still relevant. Advantage Campaign Budget (then Campaign Budget Optimization) was first made available before certain developments that make it less necessary.

First, Meta wants you to avoid creating multiple ad sets by audience because it leads to audience fragmentation.

Second, creating multiple ad sets for the purpose of segmenting audiences is less necessary now due to frequent audience expansion. If you create multiple ad sets with expanded audiences, you’ll end up with Auction Overlap.


The overall recommendation is to limit unnecessary ad sets. In a perfect world, you will only have one ad set in a campaign. But there are always exceptions.

When you have an exception, consider Advantage Campaign Budget. An example could be needing to create multiple ad sets based on country or product grouping.

This way, you aren’t forcing the algorithm to spend a certain amount by ad set. The budget will be distributed optimally between them.

Do you still use Advantage Campaign Budget? If so, when?