25 Percent of My Budget Was Spent on Remarketing While Going Broad

What happens when you go broad? I decided to run a test, and the results are super interesting!

The Setup

I created a manual sales campaign optimized for conversions.

Conversions Performance Goal

I switched to original audiences and targeted the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Otherwise, I didn’t use any targeting inputs beyond exclusions.

Broad Targeting Original Audiences

I was going broad…


After spending about $273, I broke down my results by audience segments, and here’s what I saw.

Going Broad Distribution Using Audience Segments
  • Engaged Audience: $59.18
  • Existing Customers: $9.61
  • New Audience: $204.95

So when I went broad, just over 25 percent of my budget was spent on remarketing.

The Experiment

This is part of a bigger experiment where I’ve tested distribution using four strategies:

It’s been fascinating to see how Meta delivers my ads. Reminder: This is possible using sales campaigns with audience segments. Assuming you have the update, of course.