Rarely Used Video Metrics

I bet you’re not using these video metrics in your Facebook Ads Manager…

You’re likely familiar with the standby metrics of ThruPlay, View to 100%, 95%, 75%, 50%, and 25%. Those are great! They help you better understand the level of engagement.

But you can actually take this a step further using your Breakdowns feature.

Breakdown by Action and then Video Sound.

This will produce separate rows to help you understand how many people are watching your videos at each percentage with sound on and sound off.

In my case, a very large percentage were watching with sound on, which is good! But it’s also why captions are so important for when people watch with sound off.

The other breakdown to use by Action is Video View Type.

Here, you can generate separate rows for Auto Played and Clicked to Play. In my case, the vast majority of my views were auto played. But since we already know that they were watching with sound on and deep into the video, that seems okay.

Are you using these breakdowns?