Optimize for Quality Webinar Registrations

Try this strategy to increase quality leads…

I’ve been working with someone who did something super creative to generate quality leads from a webinar signup. She used inspiration from our sessions to do something outside the box.

In the past, she used ads to send people to a webinar registration landing page. The eventual goal was to increase paid consultations.

This is a standard approach to increasing webinar registrations. But she ran into a common problem: She found that these leads were low quality.

Instead of accepting these low-quality leads or abandoning ads to promote her webinar, she made a brilliant adjustment.

She used ads to send people to a landing page to WATCH the webinar instead. No strings attached. No concerns about time zones or availability. No waiting. Ad copy reflected that you could watch it now without registration.

Of course, she still wanted to collect quality leads. At the end of the 23-minute webinar, she offered a free white paper in exchange for an email address. She still optimized for registrations, but they came after people watched the webinar.

Registration Optimization

Instead of collecting leads from people who MIGHT attend a webinar, she collected this information from the people who already attended. She found that 60 percent of the people who watched the webinar registered for the white paper.

The Cost Per Lead went up, but the quality was way higher. She saw far more responses from her emails and paid consultations increased. And ultimately, that was the goal of these webinars from the beginning.

This is a great example of finding creative solutions that go beyond the obvious approach. You don’t always need to do things the way everyone else does. Experiment. Try things that are a little unorthodox.

Ultimately, it’s critical that you understand how things work — the strengths and weaknesses of Meta advertising. This will help you find these creative solutions.