Meta’s Barcelona Set to Launch in June

You’d be foolish to ignore Barcelona, Meta’s Twitter competitor that is set to launch in June. Here’s why…

Yes, Meta doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to copying competitors. But this feels different.

Normally, Meta is trying to copy some hot new app or format. And the problem’s been that people don’t want to leave that hot new app.

Instead, Meta typically absorbs some of those features from the failed alternative in their app.

But this is the opposite. Twitter is not hot.

Users and advertisers have been leaving Twitter. And more probably would if there were better alternatives.

It’s why new apps like Mastodon have been springing up, but a single app just hasn’t taken hold.

Would users who are unhappy with the direction of Twitter be okay with a Meta-owned alternative? It’s tough to say.

Maybe it’ll bomb. Maybe Meta will absorb some of the features going forward.

There is potential here. And for advertisers, it means the long-term potential for more inventory in the Meta family of apps.

This is going to be interesting.