Delivery Recommendations Tour

You can pick which Delivery Recommendations Meta can automatically apply. But should you? Here’s a walkthrough…

If you toggle on “Automatically Apply Delivery Recommendations” in your Account Overview, you’ll get the ability to turn this on for specific types of changes.

Campaign Structure: This seems to apply to combining campaigns and ad sets impacted by Auction Overlap or Audience Fragmentation.

Audience: If you don’t turn on Advantage audience expansion, Meta can turn it on anyway if doing so will improve performance.

Creative and Format: Even if you don’t turn on Advantage+ Creative, Meta may turn it on anyway if it will improve results.

Delivery and Engagement: This may turn on Advantage+ Placements even if you had manually turned some placements off. It also looks like it could change your optimization goal.

Spend and Schedule: This won’t change your budget, but it could impact your bidding or maybe even your schedule. I assume this would be related to dayparting if you turn certain days and times off.

If it sounds like I’m uncertain about some of these, it’s because I am. There’s a lot of ambiguity in Meta’s explanations of what they can do.

Overall, I just don’t feel comfortable allowing Meta to automatically change any of these things yet. In all of these cases, I may turn on audience expansion, Advantage+ Creative, or Advantage+ Placements. But if I don’t, there’s a reason for that.

I don’t want Meta to override that decision.

Maybe I’ll get to the point where I trust Meta to make this adjustment. But right now, there are too many weaknesses that can lead it astray. And until I can trust that Meta will make the right choice here, I’m leaving this option off.

What do you think?