Meta Branded Pages Getting Hacked

Dangerous links are getting shared by Meta Verified — and Meta branded — pages like several called “Meta Ads.” How is this happening??

The new Meta Verified program was rolled out to users and creators. It’s not yet available to business pages, unless some are part of a test.

My guess is that what’s happening is that these are pages, like mine, that were verified under the old system. They were hacked and the hackers changed the name.

But this, of course, wouldn’t be possible with Meta Verified accounts. You can’t change their names without going through verification again.

This is creating all sorts of confusion. While it was easy to laugh at users falling for these scams in the past, it’s much easier to understand when shady links are shared by verified Meta-branded pages.

The solution isn’t that hard: Have pages verified under the old program follow the same rules. They can’t change their name unless they go through verification again.

What do you think?