Meta Ads for Podcasts

Running Meta ads for podcasting is a challenge. You can run ads to Apple Podcasts or Spotify, but the tracking is a black hole. How much your ads contributed to plays and how long people played is a complete guess.

You can send people to a landing page on your website, but even then tracking is limited. You can create custom events based on button clicks when they click a button to your podcast, but then you again lose tracking. You can create an event for time spent, but that’s not exactly what you want.

You have another option.

Now that YouTube allows you to connect your show’s RSS feed, you can embed a YouTube version of your podcast on your website. Since you can create custom events in Google Tag Manager based on embedded YouTube plays, this provides some interesting possibilities.

This is something I was already doing for standard YouTube videos. You can have custom events fire when the embedded player is started, based on progress, or based on completion. This will give you much more insight into engagement with your podcast on your website.

YouTube Custom Event

You can then track these results in Ads Manager (using 1-day click attribution, of course).

Podcast Plays Custom Event

You can also optimize for these events in an attempt to show ads to people most likely to listen to your podcast.

Podcast Plays Custom Event

If you have a podcast, it’s worth trying. It’s got to be better than the current options.