Maybe It’s Your Offer

You’ve tried everything: Different optimization strategies, Advantage+ Shopping and manual sales campaigns, you’ve gone broad and narrow, and you’ve tried every ad creative option possible. Video ads, link ads, carousels, multiple text options, you name it.

No matter what you try, you can’t good results. You’ve decided that Meta advertising just doesn’t work.

Well, there’s one thing you haven’t addressed: Sometimes it’s your offer.

The fact that people aren’t buying from you may have nothing to do with any of the things you’ve tried. These levers aren’t magical. They don’t force people to buy from you.

Advertisers often get so hung up on the mechanics of advertising that they miss the nuts and bolts — the basics. Why should someone want to buy this from you?

The last thing advertisers consider when getting better results is the most obvious. A good offer can make all the difference. It will make you believe in the power of Meta advertising again.

So, before you scrap it entirely, consider what would make your offer impossible to ignore.

That needs to be your focus.