JonBot Upgraded to GPT-4o

My AI chatbot was upgraded to GPT-4o…

You probably heard the news from OpenAI about all of the new stuff that’s coming. One of the biggest updates was the release of GPT-4o and making it free.

I’ve had an AI chatbot on my website that is trained on my content for the past year. That whole time it’s been powered by GPT-3.5 Turbo. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still super helpful.

The Upgrade

Well, now it’s been bumped to GPT-4o. I use Chatbase, and since GPT-4o is free it’s a simple setting change.


It’s crazy fast, super thorough, and it seems to make fewer mistakes than in the past. It’s still not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good.


I’ve given it more than 400 pages of my content to train it on and I add new content when it’s published.


Smoothing Out the Edges

My chatbot still has its issues. It’s supposed to only use my content as the source of its advice, but it does go rogue and suggest things I wouldn’t sometimes. It will sometimes recommend blog posts that simply do not exist, though this seems to be less common than before.

If I actually wrote about something related to your question, it tends to do great. The more niche the question, the more creative it will get.

I envision my chatbot as being a helpful companion to my website. Not only can it give you immediate advice based on my content, but it can you direct you to specific articles I’ve written. It’s doing this now, but it could be better.

Go ahead and try it out. Ask my bot some questions!