Reference: Is Ads Manager Down?

If you’ve ever been in a situation where Ads Manager doesn’t load or work for you, here’s what you do…

Meta has a resource will give you the status and outages of Meta business products. It’s constantly updated.

It includes status and outage information for business tools (like Ads Manager and Business Suite), the Developer Platform (for Facebook login and various APIs), and Transparency Tools.

If you click into Ads Manager, you’ll see whether any issues are impacting ads creation and editing, ads delivery, or ads reporting. If there are any issues, it will display the most recent update.

This is a tool that’s come in very handy lately as Meta has had a couple of Ads Manager outages. This helps to verify whether you’re experiencing an isolated issue, like your internet or browser issue, or if there’s a widespread issue that Meta’s working on.

Bookmark it, you’ll be glad you have it later.