Impact of Reels on My Facebook Page

My Facebook page, Jon Loomer Digital, has existed since November of 2011. There have been a whole lot of ups and downs since then.

My peak year was probably 2017. The absolute bottom? It was 2021.

That was the first (and hopefully only) year that my total number of followers actually dropped from the prior year. My reach, engagement, and overall commitment to content creation were at all-time lows.

But that changed with my commitment to short-form videos late last year. After getting started on TikTok, I’d eventually start sharing those videos to Facebook Reels — every single day.

Because of that sudden development, engagement and reach spiked during the final months of 2022. And while I haven’t maintained quite that level, reach and engagement are consistently much higher than they were.

If things continue as they’ve gone so far in 2023, this will be my page’s biggest year for reach and engagement since 2017. Considering how big that year was for me and how far things fell since then, this is a pretty big deal.

It’s the combination of a commitment to posting every day and using Reels that is the source of this improvement. And don’t forget that these Reels are the exact same videos that I’m publishing to TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and elsewhere.

This approach works.