How to Increase Facebook Ads Budget

Here’s how to increase your Facebook ads budget without screwing up results…

This is one of the biggest challenges for advertisers. You started with a low budget. You’re getting great results. You want to increase that budget.

But, it’s risky. If you restart the learning phase, your results may tank.

Facebook, of course, provides pathetic guidance on this. They say that if you increase your budget from $100 to $101 (which no one will do), it isn’t LIKELY to restart the learning phase. And if you increase from $100 to $1,000, it MIGHT.

Seriously. Nothing in between.

Here’s what I recommend you do…

Once your ad set has exited the learning phase, create an automated rule. Based on an acceptable performance range, have your budget increase by a very small amount — like 1%. Have this rule run every night.

Your budget will increase slowly, but safely, assuming your ads continue to perform. If they don’t perform, your budget won’t keep increasing.

You could experiment with higher percentages, of course. But since there’s no clear guidance on what is safe, it will be a risk. That’s up to you.

Try it out!