High-Quality Leads from Lead Forms

Here’s how to get higher-quality leads from your Facebook lead forms

Facebook lead ads have a reputation for generating low-quality leads. There’s a reason for that! It’s largely because the forms are so easy to complete.

You can do something about that.

1. Don’t use the More Volume form type.

2. Ideally, use the Custom form type. Then you can add up to four sections that help highlight your product, service, or brand.

3. Add more questions, preferably those that won’t result in pre-filled answers.

4. Use multiple-choice questions with lead filtering. Then you can determine based on someone’s answer whether they’re a good lead or a bad lead. If they are a bad lead, they can’t complete your form.

Facebook lead ads can lead to low-quality leads, but it’s truly Lead Quality 101. The same can happen with landing pages if you make the completion of your form super easy.

You have to determine what’s most important: Volume or Quality. If it’s quality, make people go through more hoops to complete your form. Then if they do, there’s a greater likelihood that they’ll be a quality lead.

What steps do you take to improve the quality of your leads?