Existing Customer Breakdowns

This is what makes Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns unique…

When creating an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign, there’s a section for Audience Type Breakdown related to reporting. This is set within your Account Settings.

There, you provide various custom audiences to define your current customers. Why?

First, once you’ve been running an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign, you can access a unique breakdown in Ads Manager.

Go to Breakdown, By Delivery and you can select Audience Type, which allows you to view results by new and existing customers.

Or you can select Audience Type and Country, which creates separate rows for new and existing customers by country. Then you can get granularity in reporting on delivery, ad spend, and actions depending on whether it’s a new or existing customer.

Second, if you want more control over what percentage of your budget is spent on existing customers, there’s an Existing Customer Budget Cap that can be set during Advantage+ Shopping Campaign creation.

It’s super interesting, but it would be helpful to have this type of granularity, especially related to reporting, with other types of campaigns. I’d love to get a breakdown by new and existing customers for any type of campaign.

What do you think?