Event Breakdown by URL Bug

Where did it go?

If you expand an event in the Events Manager Overview tab and click on the View Details button, you can click the Event Breakdown dropdown menu and filter by URLs.

Event Breakdown by URLs

This can be extremely valuable for troubleshooting. If you suspect that an event is over or under-counting in Ads Manager, you can come here to see where exactly the event is firing.

But right now, it’s not working.

When I select to filter by URLs I only get my domain.

Event Breakdown by URLs

And this doesn’t make sense because there’s already an Event Breakdown by Domain.

Event Breakdown by Domain

Even if you go to the Sampled Activities section, the URLs provided are only domains.

Sampled Activities

If you’re wondering, this isn’t because of a sample size issue or that these events were happening on my home page. I looked at high-volume events that should happen on very specific pages.

This is something that I know worked the way it should previously because I recorded a video about it last year!

Hopefully, it’s just a temporary bug and not a sign of functionality going away. I’m not sure what the workaround would be in the meantime. The only other option I can think of is to manually go page by page.

Do you use this feature?