Are Meta Conversion Events Overcounting?

This is how to troubleshoot if your Meta conversion events are overcounting.

Before even having this conversation, where do you think events are overcounting? Ads Manager only reports on conversions from your ads. Events Manager reports on all conversions, regardless of the source.

If you think Ads Manager overcounts because it doesn’t match up with Google Analytics or another tool, know that it’s never going to match up. They report on conversions differently.

If this is instead because you think Events Manager is showing lots of conversions that aren’t actually happening because you don’t see them on the back end, go through these questions…

1. Are events coming from both the browser and API (server)? If so, are they deduplicated? Events Manager will show a count prior to deduplication, so you’ll need to dig to find the final number.

2. What URLs is your event firing on? You can find this by expanding your event and clicking View Details. Then select “URLs” in Event Breakdown. Are there any URLs listed where this event shouldn’t occur? Do any of these URLs appear to be the source of this overcounting?

3. If it’s due to a specific URL, what would explain the overcounting? Is it a URL people can return to frequently? It should be a confirmation page that users only see once. Has a team member been testing this URL recently? Each time that page loads, the event may have fired.

4. How was this event set up? Did you use the Event Setup Tool? Did you use a third-party tool that manages your pixel? Is this a custom conversion? Verify that the event was set up properly.

5. Finally, go through the process of a conversion. Don’t just refresh the page. Walk through the steps that a user would go through. Does the event fire properly?

These steps should help you pinpoint the problem.