Engaged-View Attribution Placements

I have an update on Engaged-View Attribution

What’s confusing about Engaged-View Attribution is that it only applies to “skippable” videos. Meta has not clarified what this means.

If you rely only on placement specs that mention that videos are skippable, that would mean only a select few placements would qualify (in-line videos, Reels, Stories). That would make this attribution setting mostly unusable.

But I am able to confirm one thing for sure: The mobile news feed does qualify.

I did a breakdown of my results when I used a video, and I do see some engaged-view results for the mobile news feed.

I’ve heard from advertisers that they are seeing results for other placements, too, but I want to confirm it for myself. So I’m testing it out.

I created a video campaign that uses all placements. I’m targeting primarily custom audiences because I WANT some view-through conversions — since engaged-view is a type of view-through conversion. It’s no longer a view-through conversion when someone clicks.

Hopefully, I can get some clarity after this runs a while, and I’ll report back.

Have you used Engaged-View Attribution? What do you think?