Dynamic Creative Isn’t Going Away Completely

Dynamic Creative is going away, right? Yeah, not so fast…

You probably noticed a message in Ads Manager where Dynamic Creative is turned on that “Dynamic Creative will be going away soon.”

Dynamic Creative

I realized that I wasn’t always seeing this message. At first, I assumed that was just part of the phaseout process, but it occurred to me that whether or not I saw it seemed to be related to the objective.

Well, I was right.

What is Happening?

The following message appears at the top of Help Center articles about Dynamic Creative:

Dynamic Creative

Starting in June 2024, you may no longer be able to use dynamic creative when creating ad sets on Ads Manager when you select sales or app promotion as your objective.

So, this change only impacts the Sales and App Promotion objectives. Based on this message, there’s no plan to remove it when using the Traffic, Awareness, Engagement, or Leads objectives.

As of right now, that’s still the case…

Dynamic Creative

What Sense Does This Make?

Until you hear differently, Dynamic Creative isn’t going away completely after all. I honestly have no idea why this is objective specific. What is the reason for it to be available in some objectives and not others?

It made some sense to remove Dynamic Creative. It’s been around since 2017. It was always awkward to turn this on from the ad set. And there’s a nearly identical feature in Flexible Ad Format that would be the natural replacement (it’s what Meta recommends when using the Sales or App Promotion objectives).

Just another confusing Ads Manager update. Personally, I’m going to use Flexible Ad Format when presented with the need going forward.

What about you?