Daily Spending Limits Stop Your Ads

Is a Daily Spending Limit stopping your ads from delivering?

If your ads stop spending before reaching your budget and this happens on a daily basis, it could be due to a Daily Spending Limit.

This is a maximum amount that your ad account can spend every day and it’s controlled by Meta.

This often happens with new business accounts, ad accounts, pages, or apps. But limits might also be applied if you’ve violated Meta’s terms or there are other issues with the account, like a low ad quality ranking.

I’ve often heard of advertisers running into a $50 Daily Spending Limit. That could be pretty tough in some situations.

If this has happened to you, Meta says to set a budget that aligns with your goals, even if it’s higher than your Daily Spending Limit. With time, your Daily Spending Limit should increase, assuming you remain in good standing.

I know that’s not all that encouraging if you’ve run into this. There doesn’t appear to be an easy way to request a higher limit. If you have an ad rep, you may want to start there. Or you can submit a help ticket and cross your fingers.

No guarantees, but it’s possible that could help speed up the process. Good luck!