Custom Form Type is Now Rich Creative

The Custom form type for Facebook lead ads is now Rich Creative. Here’s what you need to know…

I’ve heard rumors from Facebook advertisers that the Custom form type was removed from lead ads. I thought this was weird since this feature is only five or six months old, and it’s actually pretty useful.

I checked, and I have it — but under a different name: Rich Creative.

It’s possible that those who don’t have this right now are in that in-between stage before Rich Creative is rolled out to them. The feature itself is no different from Custom.

Rich Creative allows you to add a color scheme and up to three benefits. After that, you can add up to four sections to provide more information about your product or company:

1. How it Works
2. Products
3. Social Proof
4. Incentives

You can also select other titles for these as well.

This is ideal for situations where you have salespeople who contact leads, and you want to increase the quality of those leads.

Have you used this? Do you have the name change?