Custom Events Aren’t Updating

Why aren’t your custom events updating?

I’ve been hearing from advertisers who aren’t getting reporting for their custom events. They’ve been using these events for months or years, and they just stopped populating.

The reason why those numbers stopped is the same reason why other advertisers can’t add a column for it or use it as a conversion event.

You need to verify it.

This is an update that’s been rolling out for the past few months, and you wouldn’t even know about it unless you went to your Events Manager.

Go to the Overview tab of your Events Manager and find the custom event in question.

Custom Event Verification

You’ll probably see a Red warning icon. That means you need to verify it.

Custom Event Verification

Once you do, everything should start updating again. You’ll be able to optimize for it….

Custom Event Verification

add it as a column…

Custom Event Verification

and get results in your Ads Manager.