Create Boring Content

You should create boring content…

I realize this isn’t what we’re always hearing, but allow me to make the argument.

Every other video is about the ideal hook or the formula to get more views and go viral. Be controversial and bold. These are quick fixes to make a rapid impact.

But it’s also EXHAUSTING.

This approach doesn’t appeal to everyone. If you use a manipulative hook with every video, you’re going to eventually start turning people off — or at least you may turn off the people who are most important. They’ll tune out.

Personally, I can’t stand manipulative hooks just like I can’t stand clickbait headlines. I refuse to engage with them out of protest, and I’m surely not alone.

Boring and helpful aren’t necessarily bad. They’re trustworthy and dependable. You’re told what you’re going to get, and you get exactly that. Nothing misleading or controversial. You may sacrifice faster growth and some flashy numbers, but that approach may appeal to — and retain — your ideal audience.

I built a blog that drove more than 30 million page views, but I rarely have a post go viral. I write insanely boring titles but they are accurate and don’t mislead you.

I’m now doing the same with videos. I’m growing and I get decent views, but I don’t use manipulative hooks. I’m fine sacrificing faster growth because I’m creating for my ideal audience.

Using manipulative hooks would not be my style. So I won’t do it. And you don’t need to either.

It may actually benefit you.