Celebrating 6 Months of Daily Videos

Today marks my 181st day in a row publishing a video. Not technically halfway, but six months down toward my goal.

Truthfully, this has been my most difficult time. It’s not because I’m burned out or losing inspiration. I was worried about running out of things to talk about, but that’s not it either.

It’s something that I didn’t adequately plan for…

After the next couple of weeks go by, I will have been on four family trips in two months. One was for our oldest son’s college graduation. Two are for our youngest son’s baseball tournaments. And one will be for my dad’s birthday celebration.

I worked double-time before each of these trips to make sure I stayed on track with these videos. That’s how serious I am about this commitment being “no excuses!”

The problem is how that impacts my normally fluid priorities. I put extra focus on my AI chatbot for a while. I launched one training course and have been working on a second. But that second course keeps getting delayed because of this shift in priorities.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s videos or some other format. Once you commit to a new format, it will shift your other priorities. Plan for that.

This is where you have to make a choice. You can delegate, put in extra hours, or shift your priorities.

But that’s been the most challenging part of this. I’m actually on one of these trips right now, and this video was recorded before I left!

Overall, this has been incredibly rewarding and I’ve learned so much. Thanks for joining me on this journey!