Campaign Objectives for Conversions

Slow down. Keep it simple…

Advertisers often obsess unnecessarily over campaign objectives. When promoting a conversion event, you could technically use one of three objectives:

1. Sales
2. Leads
3. Engagement

In each case, there’s a website conversion location and the ability to select your pixel and conversion event.

Which should you use?

Understand that the objective has no impact on how your ads are delivered beyond how it impacts options in the ad set.

If your conversion event is a registration, it doesn’t matter whether you use the Sales, Engagement, or Leads objectives. You’ll optimize for that conversion event, which will be the focus of ad delivery. The algorithm won’t have a secondary focus on Sales just because you use the Sales objective.

Some conversion events won’t be selectable if you use the Engagement or Leads objectives. Beyond that, the difference is only structural.

My advice:

1. Use the Sales objective for value-based purchase events
2. Use Leads for any type of free form completion
3. Use Engagement for any general engagement-based event.

But again, this is mostly for your own organization.

What do you do?