Brand Lift Tests in Experiments

Brand Lift tests are now self-serve…

They previously required the help of a rep, but now you can create these tests (along with Conversion Lift Tests) from Experiments.


Brand Lift allows you to use surveys to calculate the effect your ads had on brand awareness and recall. You can run your survey test on a specific campaign, campaign group, or across your entire ad account.

Brand Lift

Your test can include up to three questions like:

Do you recall seeing an ad from this brand?
Have you heard of this brand?
Would you recommend this brand?

Brand Lift

Brand Lift is determined by comparing results from people who saw your ads to a holdout group who didn’t see them.

While there’s no cost to run a Brand Lift Test, the minimum budgets your campaigns need to run are significant. In the US, the minimum is $30,000 — for either an individual campaign or all of your advertising, depending on what you’re testing.

Brand Lift Minimum Budget

Brand Lift tests aren’t for everyone. They are ideal for big brands with big budgets who have run advertising with the goal of increasing brand awareness.

Have you experimented with Brand Lift Tests?