Biggest Mistake New Creators Make

This is the biggest mistake new content creators make. I have a unique perspective because I’ve succeeded as a blogger and short-form video creator. I also have the perspective of quitting at other content too soon.

From the start, new creators connect their efforts to revenue.

Well, you’re not going to immediately create a popular podcast, a high-traffic blog, or a viral video channel.

It’s not going to drive measurable revenue for quite a while. But this is how marketers measure success. If it drives revenue, it’s worth doing. If it doesn’t drive revenue, it’s time to quit.

It’s counterintuitive, but if you truly want to be successful at whatever content you create, you have to ignore metrics like revenue in the early going. And if we’re going to be realistic, you shouldn’t even worry too much about any metrics, beyond that you are consistently creating over and over.

I committed to short-form video creation more than a year ago. I hoped to see improvement and growth. But I was going to create content, no matter what. That was my focus.

You’ll want to see progress over time, but that progress may be modest. And if you’re too attached to needing that progress, it’s going to drive you crazy. But if you show up day after day, keep creating, and keep getting better, that hard work will eventually pay off.

But it could easily take one to two years to see that payoff. Are you willing to wait that long?

Most aren’t. And that’s why most quit.