Benefits of First Conversion Reporting

Here’s when First Conversion reporting is most impactful…

First Conversion is a new option when comparing attribution settings that allows you to limit reporting to the first conversion someone performed after clicking or viewing your ad.

Compare Attribution Settings

This especially helps when you feel reporting is inflated. In this post and video, I want to give you a real-life example.

An Example

The primary benefit is when people can perform an event multiple times after engaging with your ad. While that can happen with purchases (and I’d question whether you should restrict those cases to First Conversion), the obvious use case is for conversions that don’t reflect a transaction.

I have exactly this type of situation. I’ve created custom events for engagement-related actions (scroll depth, time spent on a page, viewed an embedded video, etc.). These help me understand the quality of visits that don’t involve a transaction.

But inflated numbers are a big problem. Here’s an example when comparing All Conversions and First Conversion for 15-second views…

First Conversion
  • Total Conversions: 2,699
  • 1-Day Click (All Conversions): 1,288
  • 1-Day Click (First Conversion): 189

First Conversion is 7% of the original reporting and 15% of 1-day click when using All Conversions. While that may be startling, this is where reporting will be much more accurate and meaningful.