Audience Fragmentation and Ads

Audience Fragmentation can hurt your Facebook ad performance. Here’s why…

If you’re like a lot of advertisers, you have multiple — maybe several — ad sets within the same campaign. Each ad set represents a different targeting segment. All ad sets optimize for the same action and promote the same ad creative.

When that happens, Audience Fragmentation is a very real risk. By spreading your audiences out like that, Meta says your ads will be less efficient. Meta prefers that you combine these audiences, and ad sets, when possible.

That doesn’t mean it always makes sense to combine them. But if you’re creating several ad sets targeting similar audiences, that’s where this can be an issue.

There is an Automated Rule that you can use for this. When you select the Audience Fragmentation template, you’ll have the option of either having Meta automatically combine ad sets when this is an issue or sending you a notification.

I prefer the notification since sometimes there may be a reason to keep the ad sets separate. Unfortunately, there’s no other easy way to monitor Audience Fragmentation. You may otherwise see messages about it when it’s a potential issue.

Overall, be aware of this. It’s another reason to combine Lookalike Audiences or interests, if not go completely broad. But it also doesn’t mean you necessarily need to be afraid of creating multiple ad sets targeting different audiences either.

Hope this helps!