AI Image Generation Updates Rolling Out

Check it out, I have the AI image generation updates…

Meta announced some big AI updates for ads recently, and you may have them, too. When you create an ad, go to the Advantage+ Creative section. There, you might see Image Generation AI. Click “Try It Out.”

Image Generation AI

There are two options.

Image Generation AI

1. Images Featuring an Object

Upload an image of an object against a solid or transparent background. Meta will then generate variations of that image with different backgrounds.

Image Generation AI

2. Images Inspired by Your Creative

Meta will generate new images that are inspired by the original you uploaded for your ad.

Image Generation AI

Those dog images are actually based on an AI-generated dog image I had created last year. So, yeah. It can generate an AI image inspired by an AI image!

Text Overlays

For either of these, you can easily add text overlays. Select the font style and enter a couple of overlap options.

Text Overlays

Your images will be updated to reflect the overlays.

Text Overlays

Add to the Rotation

You can then select the versions you like and they’ll be thrown in as image options with your ad. It’s kind of like Dynamic Creative in that way.

AI Image Generation

This is super helpful for anyone who has a bottleneck with developing creative. Start with an original image and you can get a whole bunch of variations to test out.

Do you have this yet?