AI-Generated Creative for Ads

Image generation is coming to Facebook ads…

Meta made a big announcement that several AI-generated enhancements are coming to ads. The most impactful are a couple of features related to Image Generation.

You can view the announcement here.

The Updates

There are two primary new features…

1. AI-Generated Backgrounds: Submit an image and AI can generate cool backgrounds for it.

2. Inspired Variations: Your original image can be used as inspiration and AI can generate multiple variations.

AI-Generated Creative

It looks like you’ll be able to tweak those enhancements with text prompts. You can also easily add text overlays on top of these images.

Breaking the Bottleneck

This will be super useful for advertisers to quickly and easily create multiple creative variations. The creative side of ads can otherwise be a bottleneck where we may be limited by time or resources.

I can say this first-hand. I rarely ask for help to create images for my ads, so I’m stuck relying on my own sad skills — or rely on the few images that were designed for me. This could conceivably improve the quality and variation of creative that I use — and potentially improve performance.

While this could obviously hurt designers who may have otherwise created these images, those original images would still be useful. An image that is your starting point, at least at this stage, is still beneficial.

This feature has already started to roll out, so check to see if you have it.