AI-Generated Text Updates for Ads

Meta announced a bunch of AI-generated enhancements recently. While image generation will get the most attention, do not sleep on these text generation updates.

The Enhancements

You can expect two primary changes…

1. AI-Generated Headline Suggestions: While providing text when creating your ad, Meta automatically suggests AI-generated alternatives for primary text. This will now be available for Headline text as well.

AI-Generated Headline Text

2. Matching Brand Voice and Tone: Most importantly, Meta is making a very big improvement:

…we are currently testing the ability for the generated text to reflect your brand’s voice and tone, by highlighting key selling points based on your previous campaigns and text input.

YES! This is why I never use the AI-generated primary text options. They never sound anything like me, and that’s a potentially huge brand problem. The fact that the AI will learn from text in previous campaigns to reflect your voice and tone is a big deal.

Do You Have These Updates?

These features have started to roll out, so check to see if you have them. It may not be easy to spot whether you have the improved text matching brand voice and tone, but I have to say that it looks like I’ve got it.

AI-Generated Primary Text

Normally, my AI-generated primary text suggestions are fully of emojis and just sound spammy. But, this is much more in line with my (boring) brand voice.