Advantage Detailed Targeting Updates

There are updates to Advantage Detailed Targeting. From this announcement

1. “Campaigns that are optimized for Impressions, Video Views, Reach, Engagement or Ad Recall Lift will now have the option to opt-in to Advantage Detailed Targeting.”

Previously, these optimizations were not eligible.

2. “Campaigns that are optimized for Leads will have Advantage detailed targeting automatically applied with the option to opt-out.”

You will still be able to turn it off.

3. “Campaigns that are optimized for Link clicks or Landing page views will have Advantage detailed targeting automatically applied with no option to opt-out.”

So, just like when optimizing for conversions, it’s always on with no ability to turn it off.

Advantage Detailed Targeting

In the end, does it matter?

Advantage Detailed Targeting allows Meta to expand beyond your targeting inputs if it will lead to better results. The problem is that this feature is only available when using the original audience options. Those are buried now.

Advantage+ Audience

Instead, Meta prioritizes the use of Advantage+ Audience.

Advantage+ Audience

In that case, your targeting inputs are simply suggestions before the algorithm goes much broader.

At this point, it’s not all that clear why Meta is even keeping any of the Advantage audience expansion products (Advantage Detailed Targeting, Advantage Custom Audience, and Advantage Lookalike). It’s confusing for advertisers because the difference between turning audience expansion on with those features or using Advantage+ Audience is minimal.

Or, more accurately, the average advertiser won’t know the difference and will be confused. The difference is mostly semantics.

Since Advantage+ Audience does pretty much the same thing and it’s what Meta wants us to use anyway, I would not be surprised to see Advantage Detailed Targeting go away eventually. Maybe soon.

But, whatever. Some updates! Something to watch if you still use the old audience options.

What do you think?