Advantage Detailed Targeting Problem

People who run traffic campaigns optimized for link clicks or landing page views have a problem…

Now, I know. I don’t recommend traffic campaigns because they are flawed and often lead to bad results, but you may not have an option. A common scenario is when selling on Amazon, you can’t optimize for conversions. If you want to send people to your product on a domain you don’t control like Amazon, you’ll need to optimize for link clicks or landing page views.

Link Clicks and Landing Page Views

Meta Made it Worse

This has always been a challenge, but Meta made it worse. Any type of audience expansion removes your control of who sees your ads. This is a rabbit hole topic, but audience expansion is fine for purchases because the algorithm’s focus is getting you more purchases. It goes off the rails for top-of-funnel actions when your audience is expanded because quality isn’t a concern.

But, until recently, you could avoid this when optimizing for link clicks or landing page views. You switched to original audiences and turned off expansion. But, thanks to a recent change (it’s still rolling out), Advantage Detailed Targeting is now on for traffic campaigns and can’t be turned off.

Advantage Detailed Targeting

This means that if you want to use detailed targeting when optimizing for link clicks or landing page views, there is no way around expansion. By combining a potentially problematic optimization type with an expanded audience, you are virtually guaranteed low-quality results.

The Solution

Top-of-funnel optimization is the one case where you need some sort of targeting control to make it at all viable. Removing control makes it completely unusable.

So if you absolutely need to optimize for link clicks or landing page views because you have no other choice, my recommendation is to use original targeting with custom audiences or lookalikes. You still have the ability to turn off expansion in those cases (for now, at least).

Advantage Custom Audience

Or, when possible, always prioritize optimizing for conversions.